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Only call Triple Zero (000) or dial TTY 106 if you are in critical need of emergency services (police, fire or ambulance)

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What can I do to manage mobile phone ‘blackspots’?

Emergency services can use Emergency Alert to send warning messages to landlines as well as mobile telephones based on the location of the handset.

As the system sends warnings to both landlines and mobile phones, if you live or work in an area where there are mobile phone ‘blackspots’, it is recommended that you also have a landline telephone that is not reliant on electricity.

If you live or work in an area where you believe there is a mobile phone ‘blackspot’, you can also seek advice from your telecommunications provider on what options there are to improve your mobile phone coverage.

Whether you are living, working or travelling in a mobile telephone blackspot, it is important not to rely on receiving a warning message on your mobile telephone.

Emergency Alert is just one way emergency services may use to warn people that may be in the affected area at the time of the emergency.

People should be adequately prepared in the event of an emergency, continue to use a range of information sources – such as radio and television - and stay aware of local conditions. You should not wait to receive a warning message before you act.